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The Tender centre provides an outlet for the General Public, Business and Government Departments to Buy & Sell their New, Secondhand or Surplus goods by Tender.
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Start Your Own Tender Centre

Sellers will find the buyer who is prepared to pay the most for your once treasured possessions. Get more than taking your goods to a second hand dealer because you are selling to the final buyer. No more spending the weekend tied to your house for your own garage sale, we do it for you.

Buyers Pay only what you feel the item is worth, remembering of course that someone else may want the item too, so you have to be realistic with your offer. This of course is the fun of tendering. Its like being a contestant on "The Price is Right" except you have control of being the winner, you know how much you want the item and therefore how much you are prepared to pay.

Items for sale include:antiques, jewellery, furniture - dining tables, lounges, beds, whitegoods - refrigerators, washing machines, hardware, electrical,office equipment, computers, boats, music, fishing gear, cars, caravans, collectables, household goods, plants, garden equipment and all the things you would find at a garage sale.

Business Opportunity  Why not start a tender centre of your own. We have the needed software and the know how to get you started.

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